Did Thomas Pynchon Use a Psudonym?

Interesting Pynchonesque Pynchon theory over at Harper’s today: Art Winslow plays with the idea that Thomas Pynchon published a novel called Cow Country under the pseudonym Adrian Jones Pearson. First two paragraphs: Is it possible that the literary sensibility—person—that produced a clutch of novels under the name Thomas Pynchon has had a fat new novel out since April, […]

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5 Real-Life Example’s of Areas Writer’s Must Avoid

As we head off into Labor Day weekend, here’s some food for thought from K. Tempest Bradford and a number of other writers, all instructors of the Writing the Other series of online classes, developed to help writers do a better job at writing people whose experiences are not like theirs. In this piece, they’re looking…

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Phil Spinks

I love zombie shows and movies, but I am not indiscriminate in my affection for the genre. There are way more terrible versions than good ones, and picking through them can be a chore. It’s an expansive genre with many different variations on a theme.

There follows a select few of my favourite zombie visions.

Night of the Living Dead

Not the first zombie flick, but certainly one of the most well known and highly regarded. Director George Romero used social commentary with horror and pioneering gore. See also White Zombie, generally acknowledged as the first zombie movie.

Dawn of the Dead

With the sequel to NOTLD, Romero satirised Eighties consumerist culture and upped the gore. See also the noughties remake by Zack Synder, a rare example of a remake that is on par with the original.

Shaun of the Dead

Brit rom-zom-com that skewers the genre with light-hearted affection…

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Gravatar Gets Around

New implementations of Gravatar being used around various sites on the web that this post describes as, “pretty neat.” Sites mentioned: MailChimp, Gravatar.NET used by guy using hi library on http://Ponderi.com w/ a tutorial, and Rapportive, a browser plugin to modify your Gmail screen…

Gravatar Blog

Since our last update, we’ve spotted a number of implementations of Gravatar around the web that we think are pretty neat. Here are a couple of them:

  • MailChimpnow supports Gravatar, loading them up as part of the member profile for any subscribers who belong to mailing lists you manage.
  • Yoav emailed to let us know about Gravatar.NET, a package for .NET developers who want to make full use of the XML-RPC API to manage their images remotely. He is using his library on Ponderi.com, and has a tutorial about working with the XML-RPC API on his personal site.
  • Rapportive is a very cool browser plugin that modifies your GMail screen so that you can see some information about the contacts you’re conversing with. It aggregates data from all over the place, including images and profile data from Gravatar.
  • We’ve also heard a few whispers from folks…

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