Social Awareness Sci Fi Writing Contest

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 Admit, Inspire, Mobilize (AIM)

If we want the world to be a better place, we need to really understand the problems we face.  When we can see a problem clearly, solutions will often seem obvious.   Seeing means showing us — not telling us —  about problems.  Fiction can do that for us better than anything.

logoaim1SEE THE PROBLEM:  THE FIRST STEP TO FINDING ANSWERS:   This site will share fiction that shows us an urgent problem in a way that helps us really understand. We will then champion those who can imagine creative realizable solutions to the problems the writers have drawn.

How this works

We will select three relatively short stories each quarter that will allow readers to both understand and feel a problem in a way that a simple description would never be able to do.  If we get enough responses (50 stories), we will award a prize of $100 for the one our reading panel thought was the best, $50 for the second best and $25 for the third.

Each Monday we will post several flash fiction paragraphs that hint at a problem that could be explored.  You can submit these as well and if they pass the reading panel, we will put up what you wrote with your name.

The date for the Fall submission is September 16 at 5 PM EST.  We will announce winners on September 30th and publish the best 3 on October 2nd.  Email submission with a one short introductory description of yourself and the story to:


We will ask readers to offer creative ways to fix the problems described in the stories we publish  We will screen those answers and publish the ones our editors feel are the top 20 best.  We will then leave it to you, the readers, to select the best 3.

Finally, we will work to help a group of you get what you need to actually give any of the top three solutions a try.


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