The Mind-Body Problem of the 21st Century by Amcii Cullum

  Can you be in Two Places at the Same Time?

The Accidental Writing Prompt Incident on “Quantum Superposition of Different Paths”, a true story

My Adventures with Verisimilitude in Rectifying Human Quantum Entanglement: A flash-nonfiction


So, I’m looking at this book at Barnes and Noble and it’s called My Ultimate Bucket List. In this book, a person can keep track of activities they have actually engaged in over their lifetime, writing down a little about the experience, the date of it, where it was, who they were with, all-in-all, hence, adding it to their bucket list of life experiences. The book has an exhaustive number of pages with numbered activities to look through and then areas to fill in your notes. For example, Activity #1, Go Sky Diving…Activity #50, Experience the Northern Lights. Here are a few more: Activity #151, Kiss a Stranger; Activity #266, Get a book autographed by its Author.

Well, you get the idea.

Now, it just so happens that Activity #95, stopped me abruptly in my casual thumbing through the book as I was taken aback by the activity name: Try to be in two places at the same time.

I was elated, excited, inspired. This is probably the most incidental, yet accidental work I may engage in; that is, I felt that I had run across one of the most fascinating writing prompt ideas in a lifetime. Of course, the entirety of my feelings and emotions were triggered as the words transpired a personal exploration of my thoughts where I needed to just grab a pen as rapidly as possible and just write absolutely all that surfaced for me. I mean, I don’t know about how others might perceive the name of that activity in a light that seems like it should actually be a “thing” to put on your BUCKET LIST (!) of all things. However, I like my idea on where to go with this much better. I would like to express the journey through my mind as I parse through the inspired sparks of memories, sparks of curiosity, and delve deeper into those creative components where my wires are obviously crossed like some Sci Fi junky, …or something;)


Reflecting back on my own childhood, and realizing that as children we usually desire to have a magical or superhero-like power–I think that is prevalent for basically, at least, a majority of people, I have revisited a strong desire and belief that I could, if I believed enough in it, be the extraextraordinary being that every child knows he or she is. So, to further the details, when I was a child, my dream was to be in two places at the same time, strangely enough. I had it all figured out. I could go to school and be sitting in my desk participating in class, but then I could leave my body there and still be me, and go outside and wander off for the rest of the day to go play and do what I really wanted to–but I was still at school functioning like the good student. Childhood dreams are so colorful and still, so disappointing at the same time. I wished and wished I could be in my imaginary world and actually have it happen to me one day. But, of course, it was just a fantasy and I grew up.


However, scientifically, there has been findings to prove that this seemingly “thing that stories are made for” concept is actually worth further investigation because it has been proven, I felt pretty confident, that this has occurred in several situations with quantum particles. My findings are astonishing after coming to the University of Bonn experimental physics abstracts site. It just so happens that at the University of Bonn they have set up a series of experiments to gain findings to understand whether or not objects, like a ball, which always, when thrown, moves in a single trajectory. It can and will always travel in one direction and then land in one place. So, what if, for example, I was to throw a balled up piece of paper in a trash can and it landed both in the trash, and did not land in the trash. Objects can be said to move along a single well-defined path but there has been an eager scientific rigor to refute all of this. It has been proven now in one of this university’s first experiments that Cesium atoms can indeed take 2 paths at the same time, thus an initial proof in the falsification of otherwise believed truths.


Thus, according to Quantum theory, objects in the quantum world can simultaneously take different paths and end up at different places at once. At the quantum size range, matter and energy exist in a state of “blurry flux,”: allowing particles to occupy not only two locations but an infinite number simultaneously.


Anyway, the set of terms, of which there are several to describe this phenomenon, describing this is Quantum Superposition of different paths, also termed, quantum entanglement and perhaps, there are even more recent findings and terminologies used as the world of science is growing at a more than exponential rate hour by hour, not just day by day, in current times.

The most baffling question now to scientists/physicists lies in why the universe seems split into these two separate and irreconcilable realities, where the tiniest components of our world has the ability to do what we, human beings in the macro-reality cannot. I read a question posed: If everything in the universe is made up of quantum material, why don’t we see quantum effects on everyday life?


Well, I am only currently “being” in one place, yet, I must explain that, in my view, personally, I know what being in two places at one time can be in, at least one scenario, that came to mind, though, if given enough time to think about it, I am sure I may be apt to express more exemplary proof for such accomplishments that can be done. I believe we overlook these phenomena in our lives failing to be willing to “think outside the box.”


Going back a few years, I remember a pointed example of, not at all, “trying to be” in two places at once, I “was in” two places at once. This is how I see it, view it, perceive it, believe it…just stay with meL I remember engaging in a Skype conversation with my husband, he in South Carolina, in a living room of a house, and I, in Virginia, sitting on the floor of a bedroom in a house. My physical self spoke and listened and saw from that room in location: VA. I was in VA. I, however, was also, with my husband, simultaneously, talking, listening, seeing him, in his living room in location: SC. Albeit, I was bodily in VA. My digital rendering, which is actually me, not some clone of me, but real-time viewing, basically, a meeting of two people, virtually, some would say, but I disagree. It goes back to the philosophical mind-body brain-in-a-jar conceptualization of all of this so we must ask ourselves, are we our physical, corporeal bodies, or are we our brains sitting over on the table near us over there with the electrodes hooked up to it so my body feels like it’s still in me and that is me…one person…one place of being…not separate.


Conclusively, at least for the meantime, I am content with my findings and my conclusions and I will go ahead and date the bucket list item and note it was with my husband about 5 years ago, my first time, that is, and check it off.













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