Phil Spinks

I love zombie shows and movies, but I am not indiscriminate in my affection for the genre. There are way more terrible versions than good ones, and picking through them can be a chore. It’s an expansive genre with many different variations on a theme.

There follows a select few of my favourite zombie visions.

Night of the Living Dead

Not the first zombie flick, but certainly one of the most well known and highly regarded. Director George Romero used social commentary with horror and pioneering gore. See also White Zombie, generally acknowledged as the first zombie movie.

Dawn of the Dead

With the sequel to NOTLD, Romero satirised Eighties consumerist culture and upped the gore. See also the noughties remake by Zack Synder, a rare example of a remake that is on par with the original.

Shaun of the Dead

Brit rom-zom-com that skewers the genre with light-hearted affection…

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