Gravatar Gets Around

New implementations of Gravatar being used around various sites on the web that this post describes as, “pretty neat.” Sites mentioned: MailChimp, Gravatar.NET used by guy using hi library on w/ a tutorial, and Rapportive, a browser plugin to modify your Gmail screen…

Gravatar Blog

Since our last update, we’ve spotted a number of implementations of Gravatar around the web that we think are pretty neat. Here are a couple of them:

  • MailChimpnow supports Gravatar, loading them up as part of the member profile for any subscribers who belong to mailing lists you manage.
  • Yoav emailed to let us know about Gravatar.NET, a package for .NET developers who want to make full use of the XML-RPC API to manage their images remotely. He is using his library on, and has a tutorial about working with the XML-RPC API on his personal site.
  • Rapportive is a very cool browser plugin that modifies your GMail screen so that you can see some information about the contacts you’re conversing with. It aggregates data from all over the place, including images and profile data from Gravatar.
  • We’ve also heard a few whispers from folks…

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