The Mind-Body Problem of the 21st Century by Amcii Cullum

Thus, according to Quantum theory, objects in the quantum world can simultaneously take different paths and end up at different places at once.

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  WRITER'S BLOCK?   FROM THE WRITERS HELPERS:10 FREE ONLINE RESOURCES TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING Posted on March 16, 2015 This post is from The Writers Helpers, a Tumblr blog. I think this will help improve our writing. 209 WORDS TO DESCRIBE TOUCH Posted on March 15, 2015   Five Easy Ways To Become Inspired... Continue Reading →

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Story Structure Diagrams

Ingrid's Notes

Yes, it’s true, I’ve had story structure on the brain. I’ve also recently joined pinterest (of which I immediately became addicted). But there’s a happy side effect of these two obsessions… this post! I love visual representations of novels and narrative structure, and pinterest gave me a place to collect all these fascinating, beautiful, funny, and brilliant story diagrams.

Feast your eyes!

Three Act Plot Structure:

Four Act Structure:

Freytag’s Pyramid:

Swooping Character Arcs:

The Hero’s Journey:

Branching Structure:

And Just For Fun:

Check out more charts on my Pinterest Page!

Happy structure dreams everyone.

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Organic Architecture: Links to the Whole Series

Ingrid's Notes

Organic Architecture SpiralI want to thank everyone for reading my Organic Architecture Series! I realize this was a long series with lots of posts. The following are the links to all the different articles. Feel free to bookmark this page for easy reference!

Happy plotting, structuring, and designing, everyone!

Organic Architecture Series:

Classic Design and Arch Plot:

Alternative Plots:

Alternative Structures:

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Got a Designing Principle?

Ingrid's Notes

I’m my previous posts I’ve given you a pandora’s box of alternative plots (Alt. Plots Part 1 and Alt. Plots Part 2) as well as alternative structures (Alt. Structures Part 1 and Alt. Structures Part 2). And we ought to take classic designthe hero’s journey, and three act structure and throw them in that box as well.

But how do we use these?

How do we incorporate them into our writing process in a way that is organic? How do we make sure they come naturally from the story itself without becoming a dead-in-the-water template?

John Truby suggests that the best way to do this not through an external structure, but to look inside the work for an inherent designing principal.  Truby is a little abstract in his definition of a designing principal, so here’s my cobbled-together version from what he says in the Anatomy…

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Indie Authors are Constantly Between Two Minds

Hammerstone Creative

Sorry for the shameless self promotion in the title!

What’s that? You’ve never heard of my self-published, sci-fi psychological thriller series called Between Two Minds. That makes this sufficiently awkward. Well, now you know! And sorry…again…I think.

Anyway, it has recently become obvious to me that the namesake of my series really is the experience of many indie authors. Their thoughts are constantly at odds.

Mind OneMind Two
Edit that book/chapter/scene moreCall it done
Write booksMarket books
Write moreDo literally anything else
Work to pay bills (i.e. day job)Work to be fulfilled (i.e. write)
Outsource marketing (pay)Do it yourself (still pay)
Give your books away for freeRisk having a small readership
Not enough posting about your workToo much posting about your work
Release the next bookThrow it away
Keep goingCrawl under a rock

You’re not alone

Spend any time…

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#VSS (Very Short Stories)

Adelaid, forgetting herself, took too many Ambien Awoke the next morning Finding herself drenched in ink An obvious manic torrent on paper A diligent emptying of her life's compounded vale of tears For the here and now, she will lure butterflies to her basement and sit with them, continuing to hope for her moment. She... Continue Reading →

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